I Have Been Asking Myself “What’s best?” For Too Long…

Text vs. Visuals

Often times I ask myself: “What is that one thing that you really wanted to do but always found an excuse to delay?”

The answer to this question has been “Starting a Blog, Vlog, or something…” for longer than it should. I do my best to inspire people to bring the best out of themselves and yet at the same time I had this thing that I was postponing for too long.

My excuse was: I’m trying to figure out what’s the best medium.

I thought about creating a YouTube channel, then thought about doing a Facebook show with a few minutes of a talk-show-type content every now and then. Making Facebook Live was an option too. Then I thought about vlogging and just literally talking to a camera like a person and just going with it. It also crossed my mind to start a show with some creative people just for the fun of it and publish it in different places. I had different arugments, different thoughts but I just made a call:

“I shall Write!”

In my mind I had a conversation with myself which would look kinda like this:

Me: Shahab you really need to start doing what you thought about.

Myself: Well I have thought about it but I’m confused!

Me: What’s your excuse? Tell me in this moment, what’s your excuse? You sound like a hypocrite…

Myself: Well what if I spend all this time to document my thoughts then the platform on which I share disappears or shuts down? That’s what happened to my blog 13 years ago. I spent every day updating it then one day I found out it just shut down. Or what if it starts charging me to reach to the network that I built? That’s how Facebook works!

Me: Okay you have some sound logic here but stop delaying it! You are thinking about this too much.

Myself: Well, I want to do my best to keep this as useful as possible. Maybe even make it sort of like a community and make some cool things out of it.

Imagine if I launched this blog on YouTube a couple of months back, now it would be hard to reach to people because the search engine is not so good there and also because I would be pushed to use clickbait titles to grab attention in competition with all those sensationalist videos out there. Not that I want to but come on it’s human nature. I could also be forced to make videos more advertiser friendly to have Google direct more traffic to my videos because it makes them more money. Not that I want to again but trust me, my subconscious-bias would do that.

Me: Well well… How about just going on with Facebook posts?

Myself: Look at how Facebook played us to move to video? People don’t like reading and would much rather watch videos and of course that makes Facebook more money so if you choose Facebook, you have to do videos based on 2017 trends.

Me: If Facebook could easily force us to move to a video era, what’s stopping them from doing this again later with something else? What will you do when 10 years from now, videos are so much higher quality and you will hate yourself for watching old videos at low quality, you already want 4K videos everywhere…

Myself: This internal debate is going pretty well, I think we are reaching a conclusion soon. Let me ask you one question, in the history of archives, what’s the one method that has survived the longest?

Me: Writing. Without question.

Myself: Yes and think about it, all the people who care enough, will read. Look at yourself, you read long books about things that you care about and writing has been around for a really long time. It survives so much more change and evolution compared to other media. When CDs came out, they were the biggest deal of technology and now just a couple of years after, they have disappeared.

Me: Yes and at the same time we have been writing and reading for centuries in one format, in one quality!

Myself: Not really in one format and one quality we have tons of languages and scripts but yes kind of.

Me: Okay thank you for over-thinking about this and throwing out some nice arguments. We go with “Writing” but this time remember to back up your data before the host decides to shut it down.

… and that’s how I decided to start writing more often on Medium.



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