My Journey of Trying Microsoft Surface Book 2 and The Nightmare That Came with it

Just in December expressing who psyched I was…

I Had High Hopes…

November & December, 2017

First 4 Months

A Random Day in April 2018

25 Days, 50 Emails and 4 Hours Call-Time Later…

June 2018, In Netherlands, Returned The Laptop for Replacement

Final Note: This event wasted so much resources that I will not get back but I wrote down this experience in about 40 minutes so that hopefully with the power of internet, it saves more time for the people out there… Maybe it is the only way to make this whole thing worth it, though I learned lessons out of it.



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Shahab Shabibi

Shahab Shabibi


Co-Founder, Machine Ventures | Transforming Ideas into Companies